My "Why" For Doing Knight-Thon 2018

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Six months ago, I made the promise to dance.

Two days from now, my promise will be lived out in a 20-hour stand, in an arena packed with hundreds of my #FTKFamily, ready to dance my heart out.

But who am I doing this for? What propels me year-after-year to exhaust myself physically and mentally for families I don't even know? What is my "why" for doing Knight-Thon?

It's simple: I dance, I dare, I dream for God. 

In Galatians 5:13, I am reminded that God gives us freedom to freely serve others with humble, true love. I see this purpose so boldly in Knight-Thon. Every dollar raised goes to healing Miracle Children and their families at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, but the money matters less than what it symbolizes: hope

By using my freedom to do God's work, I am able to free these children. Every dollar I raise gives a child the freedom to ride a bike, go to school, dream a future, and cut the hospital band that they believed would forever enclose their wrist. 

But beyond giving mere freedom, I dance to evangelize. Despite what some Christians think, evangelizing is not this scary, complicated thing. It simply means to share the good news! This is something we are wired to do as humans: share good news. And the good news of God is actually quite simple:

He consistently, beautifully, and clearly carries us through rough seasons of life when we trust Him. 

I see this clearly through the Miracle Children we support as dancers. They are called "Miracles" because they overcame illnesses and afflictions others thought impossible to do. Inside, I know this is all the work of God in them. And in the future, He will use them to change others.

So this weekend, I stand. Stand for those who can't and could.

So this weekend, I dare. Dare for the hesitant and afraid.

So this weekend, I dream. Dream that more will see God through my actions and love.

Dream to leave my own legacy.

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