6 Apps That Every Social Lover Needs!

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It's time for my secrets to come out. Well, my social secrets that is (sorry for the letdown friends!).

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with social media. It is honestly my favorite thing (even though pizza comes in at a close second). But there is much more to social than tweeting or posting a selfie.

The creation of one post can involve multiple tools/apps that change all. the. time. Literally hundreds of social tools are released daily; so much that it can feel downright overwhelming to keep up. This leads me to the ultimate question: what are the essentials that anyone who loves social should have? 

Here's your answer:

1. Adobe Spark Post


Let me just say that this app is a savior if you are graphically-challenged like me. Adobe Spark allows you to create graphics and even motion graphics in all sorts of sizes and layouts. I use this app to make my blog cover photos and Instagram Stories. If you aren't sure how to design something, Spark has tons of pre-created layouts that you can remix to fit your project.

Another cool feature in Spark is that you can have it remember your brand (colors, fonts, etc) for easy access when designing. And don't worry, you can use Spark without having an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription!

2. Google Snapseed


For years, I never knew that Snapseed existed. I found it one day after watching Instagram Icons rave about the app in their YouTube videos. At first, I wondered what was so special about a free photo editing app. Then I actually started using it (shocker, right?).

At first glance, this app is a lot like other photo editing apps. You can adjust contrast, exposure, and other standard edits. But Snapseed has so much more than other free apps do. One of my favorite tools is the "Selective" one, which allows you to paint over parts of an image for specific edits. The interface is user-friendly, allowing editors of any skill level to make an image #pictureperfect.

3. Hyperlapse by Instagram


Hyperlapse is a free app provided by Instagram to easily create.. well, hyperlapses! These are created in true photography by moving the camera slightly between each shot, giving the illusion of motion shots. Check out an example of one here! 

Hyperlapse app takes this somewhat-complicated concept and simplifies it to the palm of your hand, making for quick and unique content. The downside of this app is that it only shoots in Instagram Stories size (vertical, 1080 x 1920), and so you would need to rotate your phone to shoot landscape.

4. The Preview App


The Preview app (and other apps like it) is made specifically for any of my readers who long to become #InstaFamous, or simply want a better-looking feed. In recent years, the whole concept of feed-planning has grown in popularity. A big part of this is due to the rise of influencers, who want to look good on social in order to attract followers and brand partners. But what exactly is feed-planning?

Feed-planning is a strategic process of curating and arranging photos to follow a consistent theme. Without going too into depth, an Instagram theme involves some basic things: color, composition, and grid layout. A theme should have similar colors and/or filters to keep the images looking alike. It should also have alike composition. For instance, my photos are mostly of myself and outside (note all of the greens and purples). This is where apps like the Preview App come into play.

This app allows me to upload my photos and re-arrange them to see how they'll look before I post on Instagram. It also has filter packs (just like the app VSCO) that I can use to keep my photos looking the same. The downside is that this app does cost money ($8.99/mo). But for anyone looking to up their feed game, I think it is well-worth the price!

5. Social Media Today


Ever wonder how people use new social media features before you? Or that they just always know about these features first? Well just like any other person who reads the newspaper to stay current, they read social media news.

One of my favorite sources to get social media news is a website called Social Media Today. Aside from the hired staff, SMT brings in social experts around the globe to write articles and keep a fresh, diverse voice. You can also subscribe to SMT for social updates emailed directly to you!

6. Unsplash/Pexels


This final tool is also not an app, but incredibly helpful nonetheless. Unsplash and Pexels are both websites that provide free, royalty-free images for creators to use. Royalty-free is a fancy term meaning that you can use a copyright material without buying it/paying royalties to the owner. However, sometimes you must give credit to the owner, so make sure to read all of the fine print before using a royalty-free material.

The images on Pexels and Unsplash are great to use for creating wallpapers, blog photos, or even as inspiration for taking your own images. I regularly use them as wallpaper backgrounds, and use Adobe Spark to add text on top!

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