20 Ways Your Brand Can Use Twitter!


Ah, Twitter.

Years ago, it was the hottest social platform for brands to attract and grow an audience. The real-time, constantly-updating feed that Twitter offers allows brands to ‘tweet’ often without overwhelming their audience. This is unlike Instagram, which recommends posting a max of 1-2 times per day. 

But because of Instagram and it’s ever-growing audience, more brands are choosing to divert their efforts away from Twitter. Not exactly the best decision. Sure, Instagram is gaining in popularity, but there’s still millions of people to reach on Twitter. Cutting it out of your social strategy means losing a potentially-strong audience.

Another key reason to keep Twitter lies in how flexible it is for creating platform-specific and varied content! Lacking on inspo and tweets for your content calendar? Check out 20 of my most-successful ways to use it:

1. Post a GIF that relates to a brand topic (and ask your audience to reply with a GIF of their own!). For example, "Comment a GIF that describes your first day of school."

2. Start a Twitter thread of images, links that relate to the tweet topic (ex: “We get it fam: Dorm eating isn’t easy. Check out this thread for some easy, cheap options that you can make in your dorm!") or quotes.

3. Create a Twitter poll to gauge audience thinking, or to ask an engaging question.

4. Share an article created by your brand, influencer, or industry expert. You can find these by following relevant accounts and subscribing to weekly emails from experts/bloggers.

5. Utilize the ‘heart’ and ‘retweet’ features to have your audience pick between two options.  

6. Scan the Trending Hastags section of Twitter for relevant topics to include and Tweet about.  

7. Re-purpose videos that fit the time limit and file format and share with your audience. 

8. Go “Live” at events, Twitter Q&A sessions, and even Twitter takeovers.

9. Post a photo collage of something brand-related. It makes your Tweet more eye-catching than one photo, plus it gives the audience something extra to tap on. Another option for this is to try the "Tap to Expand" trick where you post a vertical image and have a surprise in it that can only be seen by tapping. 

10. Ask your audience a question and direct them to answer in the comments (or better yet, say that the first # of people to comment/RT win something!). 

11. Get creative with emojis! Post an emoji riddle, create a picture with emojis, or use them to communicate a mood.

12. Tweet using a daily theme like #MotivationMonday, #ThrowbackThursday or #FridayFeeling. You can also invent a daily theme that relates to your brand, like #FootballFriday or #StudyBreakSaturday. You can find a full list of daily hashtags on ThriveHive.

13. Retweet and/or quote User-Generated Content (UGC). This content can be spontaneous things you see, or the direct result of a campaign. Always ask for permission if you are sharing it in a separate tweet, and encourage users to tag you in their own tweets, too! 

14.  Directly tweet (@‘ing) another brand. Maybe you’re trying to add humor, or maybe it’s a collab, but either way doing this allows for cross-engagement on both of your accounts. You can also tag other accounts in your photos for an indirect tag! 

15. Quote an old Tweet that did really well to re-purpose content without digging into your other channels. Look at tweets you made for past trending hashtags, events or holidays as a starting point. You can use Twitter’s FREE in-program analytics tool to find these high-performing tweets. 

16. Do a Twitter scavenger hunt! Hide an item somewhere, and say that the first person to find it and tweet the photo/tag you wins a prize.

17. Create short videos/daily images and countdown to an event/announcement.

18. Have your audience enter a contest by asking them to tweet a specific statement, including a hashtag to measure audience entries. 

19. Create your OWN GIFs using Giphy (but you need to be a verified account) and share them on Twitter, encouraging your audience to use them and tag you. 

20. Share inspirational graphics/quotes. A great resource to find images for these is the website Unsplash. You can find more resources for creating/editing social media graphics and images in this blog post. 

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